Testing MEEBW: Master Equinology® Equine Body Worker Certification Program Testing

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Formerly called Advanced Equine Body Worker ® (AEBW) Certification Program

Master EEBW Testing is open to all those having successfully attended and completed the MEEBW course outline as described in the MEEBW certification and below. A study outline is provided to the student upon registration so register at least 2 months before you plan to sit this exam. Testing is done via online.

To take the MEEBW testing you must have successfully completed the Equinology ® Equine Body Worker certification course (or comparable challenged certificate course), the courses required for the Equinology ® Equine Body Worker Level II certification and the courses required for the Equinology ® Equine Body Worker Level III certification as well as successful completion of the EEBW Level III testing.

You must have completed the following courses and the required externships:

EQ900 Progressive Anatomy Workshop OR EQ950: 3 Day Equine Spine and Pelvic Dissection OR 5-   Day Full Body Dissection with Dr. Deb Bennet OR EQ200: Equine CoreData® with Jon Zahourek

EQ500: Online Equine Dentistry in Today’s World (or appropriate challenged course)

EQ1000: Biomechanics of the Equine Foot & Current Hoof Care Trends (or appropriate challenged course)

EQ108LP: Equine Spinal Dysfunction: Motor Control and Functional Mobilization/Core Strengthening Techniques

EQ1400: Fundamentals of Equine Nutrition ONLINE

EQ1850: Equine Exercise Physiology ONLINE (through Guelph University)

Student Research Project (topics discussed with Equinology prior to commencement)

As a reminder, this testing also includes the courses from the EEBW Level I, EEBW Level II and EEBW Level III (and testing) which includes:

EQ50: Equine Anatomy Precourse Distance Study

Equinology® Equine Body Worker (EEBW) Certification Course (EQ100 or EQ101 or EQ102 or EQ105 A and B, or comparable course (must be challenged)

EQ103: Advanced Equine Soft Tissue Techniques, Introduction to Spinal Mobilization and Clinical Reasoning    EQ400: Stretching and Course Exercises

EQ400: Equine Stretching and Core Strengthening Exercises: Only required for individuals completing the EQ103 course prior to 2018

EQ900: Equine Progressive Anatomy Discovery Workshop

EQ300: Equine Biomechanics (or the combined version EQ300/600)

EQ600: Equine Gait Abnormalities and Lameness (or the combined version)

EQ700: Horse, Saddle and Rider Interaction: The Principles of Saddle Fitting

Student’s choice of EQ900 or EQ200 or EQ950: Anatomy Discovery Workshop or Equiken Basic or 4 Day Spine and Pelvic Dissection; okay to retake one

EQ1500: Equine First Aid

EQ1300: Neurology. Muscle Physiology and Common Pathologies ONLINE


Tuition: $595

Text and Materials Required for Testing: You must have all your course text and workbooks from the list above.

Study Outline for Course: Free

Exam: Free

Certificate of Achievement: Free; only issued upon successful completion of exam.