EQ700: Horse, Saddle and Rider Interaction: The Principles of Saddle Fitting $1,795


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Date: 02/24/2020 to 02/27/2020
Location: Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa
Instructor: Dr. Anne Bondi, PhD
Price: R21,950
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As an equine health care professional, you can’t be at the mercy of the latest fad or analytical reports on saddle fit. You need to be able to look at the horse and assess whether or not the horse/rider combination is on the right track with their current gear. You need to be able to back up your findings to the owner or trainer for the welfare of the horse. Often you will be in the situation where a horse is recovering from an injury or has had time off. The horse may need you to offer a temporary solution using corrective pads or shims while the normal posture returns.

Our instructor for the first four days of the course is Dr. Anne Bondi, director of the Saddle Research Trust (SRT). The Saddle Research Trust, a charitable organization, has been established to lead and support research into the influence of saddles on the welfare, performance, and safety of horses and riders using scientific and objective methods. While Dr. Bondi concentrates on a variety of English saddles, many of these concepts can be applied to Western Saddle. On Day 5 in the USA course, we will have David Genadek, master saddle maker present a one day concentrating on Western Saddles only. Both instructors support their presentations with slides, examples of trees, pads, saddles, measuring devices, templates, demonstrations, and a variety of horses with saddle fitting issues with plenty of research to support the course information.

In addition to learning how to fit the saddle correctly for horse and rider, Dr. Bondi will also address common saddle fitting problems for the existing saddle by offering ideal, existing, and temporary solutions and when these solutions are applicable (or not!). Theory sessions using PowerPoint with a wide range of images and video that explain concepts are followed by practical sessions that demonstrate those concepts, test them and allow opportunities to gain hands-on practice.

Volunteer students are invited to make ridden assessments (exceptions: horse weight limit, rider injury or insufficient riding experience).

Course Outline:

  • Saddle design: history, innovations & alternatives
  • Saddle assessment: design, safety & condition
  • Saddle fitting criteria
  • Assessing the horse
  • Back measurements
  • Assessing the rider
  • Horse, saddle and rider interaction
  • Clinical Reasoning: Saddle fitting assessment teams
  • Saddle testing demonstrations
  • Saddle testing teams
  • Saddle Fitting Interventions and Their Effects
  • Demo – effect of interventions
  • Clinical Reasoning: Intervention teams

Text and Materials Required:

Course Workbook: Free

Course Handouts: Free

Externship Grading and Certificate: $75USD


Knowledge of veterinary vocabulary and some anatomy suggested but not required. This class is suitable for those just beginning their studies. However, horse handling skills and a thorough understanding of equine safety is always a must!

Equinology offers a precourse equine anatomy study guide which is available as an online course. You can find those details by going to https://equinology.com/product/eq50-equine-anatomy-precourse-distance-study/

Required Reading:

  • None

Suggested Reading and Viewing:

  • Saddle Fitting A to Z: DVD by Dr. Kerry Ridgway
  • The Horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book by Joyce Harman, DVM
  • The Horse in Motion: The Anatomy and Physiology of Equine Locomotion by Pilliner, Elmhurst, and Davies
  • Recognizing the Horse in Pain by Dr. Joanna Robson

This course is required for the Equinology® Equine Body Worker Level III certification.

To obtain the EEBWIII certification, you must have completed the EEBWII certification first although courses can be taken in any order. If you are just starting out, you can attend this as your first course. If you are looking for a course of continuing education and not a qualification, you are more than welcome to join us for this course.

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