EQ1120LP: Equine Myofascial Release Techniques Levels One and Two for Licensed Professionals

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This course is a licensed professional course for veterinarians, chiropractors and physical therapists who have worked specifically in the equine industry for over 1 year; no exceptions.

This course covers a fundamental full body Myofascial Release assessment including static, dynamic, soft tissue, bony landmark and joint assessment as well as advanced techniques. The program emphasizes effective techniques to address postural asymmetries, soft tissue limitation and tightness, orthopedic asymmetries, and movement disorders which are contributing to dysfunction in the equine body. Classes consist of lecture, PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, specimens, illustrations and hands-on techniques.


This course is designed for individuals already work professionally in the equine health industry.

The objectives for this course are as follows:

  • identify the common areas of myofascial restrictions in a horse’s body and be able to compare these regions on a variety of horses
  • understand the contraindications to Myofascial Release so the student will know when they should not complete a session but instead request more direct assistance from the primary care veterinarian
  • discuss the benefits of Myofascial Release with their clients and be able to explain how it will help their horses
  • utilize the Myofascial Release techniques and stretches presented in the course with confidence to work in the professional industry and make positive changes for their clients’ horses
  • recognize the need to work as a team member and realize the importance of veterinary ethics as a professional,
  • design a suitable Myofascial Release session targeted for their client’s horses to help monitor their health and condition as well as improve the performance
  • integrate the knowledge of evaluation and re-evaluation in order to determine the response from the horse in regards to the applied techniques to gain insight on whether they are defensive, sensitive or relaxing during the Myofascial Release or if they are improving with each Myofascial Release session

Course Content:

Myofascial injury, locating restrictions and developing/refining palpation skills, causes of myofascial restrictions, safety rules, common areas of restriction, encouraging communication and interaction during the session, recognizing pain versus normal equine responses to Myofascial Release techniques, scientific rationales of Myofascial Release with emerging theories, location of fascial restrictions, benefits of Myofascial Release, dynamic and static assessments and comparisons, history evaluation and Myofascial Release documentation.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the course the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and pathology associated with the fascial tissue of the equine body
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the foundation and advanced Myofascial Release techniques to the equine population
  • Identify myofascial restrictions and follow the myofascial releases throughout the equine body
  • Cite all the contraindications when myofascial release is not appropriate for the welfare of the horse,
  • Apply Myofascial Release successfully for their sessions
  • Utilize the proper body mechanics to continue working without injury to themselves
  • Devise a follow-up exercise program for the horse following the Myofascial Release to help break up adaptive movement, improve strength and monitor performance
  • Record the session findings in a professional manner utilizing the accepted protocol in the equine healthcare industry

Text and Materials Required:

Facilitated Healing Through Myofascial Release: Putting the Pieces Together for Horse and Rider: by Ruth Mitchell-Golladay $40 (available onsite) or online stores or through http://www.equinetherapeutic.com/Products/products.html

Course Workbook: Free

Course Handouts: Free

Externship Grading (Case Studies and Visual Presentation): Free


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