EQ103: Advanced Equine Soft Tissue Techniques, Introduction to Spinal Mobilization and Clinical Reasoning $1695.00


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Course Dates At Different Locations
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Date: March 9th to March 19th, 2020
Location: TBC, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Instructor: Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW& Nicole Rombach, PhD
Price: $2,595 AUD + gst
Register: https://www.equinologyanz.com/eq103-adv-soft-tissue-techniques

Date:  July 13th to July 17th, 2020
Location:  Cotati, California
Instructors:  Debranne Pattillo and Equinology Instructor Dr. Nicole Rombach
Price:  $1695

Date: June 2nd to June 6th, 2021
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Instructor: Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW, Dr. Nicole Rombach
Price: $2,595 + GST
Register: https://www.ciecbweducation.ca/product-page/eq103-advanced-equine-soft-tissue-techniques


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Take your equine bodywork to the next level. Instructors Dr. Nicole Rombach and Debranne Pattillo, MEEBW each bring their A game to this course!

There are so many tools to go into your toolbox; you’ll never stop adding to it once you start this journey. Learn different approaches to assessment and addressing soft tissue restrictions using advanced equine bodywork/soft tissue mobilization (STM) techniques, including advanced sports massage, stretching, introduction to spinal mobilization, range of motion restoration exercises, the full stretching regimen and muscle activation techniques.

This 5-day, 50-hour course (115+ total hours with required externship) is designed for students who have successfully completed the Equinology® Equine Body Worker (EEBW) Certification Course or a comparable equine sports massage program with a strong anatomy background* of 300+ hours.

Course Duration:

Students attend class for five consecutive days. The course runs 8 am to 5 pm the first 4 days with an additional two hours of evening studies. The final day of the course ends at 3 pm. Thirty minutes are allowed for lunch.

Course Outline:

Advanced STM, muscle activation, origin-to-insertion and muscle release techniques

Introduction to spinal mobilization

Advanced range of motion restoration exercises and stretching for the thoracic and pelvic limbs

Following on from EEBW certification course: anatomy of additional muscles and bony landmarks

Advanced techniques to address the temporomandibular joint

Advanced technique: sinus drain

Isolating and addressing the thoracic and pelvic limb muscles with advanced techniques

Advanced techniques to address the paraspinal musculature

Addressing the broad sacral tuberous ligament in combination with paraspinal and gluteal muscles

Introduction to myofascial release techniques

Introduction to core muscle activation techniques and stabilization exercises

Review: gait evaluation

Case study discussions

Anatomy practical: muscle and point label session

Final Day: Clinical Reasoning Practical: Assessment, Discussion, Application of New Techniques, Re-evaluation

Tuition: $1695

Text and Materials Required for Testing: You must bring your Equinology ® Equine Body Worker Certification Course Manual with you if you attended after 2014.

Those who attended prior to 2014 or coming from another program will need to purchase the text: Anatomy of Equine Bodywork: The Equinology Approach: by Debranne Pattillo: $99 + tax (available onsite) or online purchase $149USD (plus shipping and handling)

EQ103 Course Workbook: Free

Course Handouts: Free

Externship Grading and Certificate: Free

Challenge of Foundation Program (for those from outside programs): $150


Completion of EEBW Certification course (EQ100, 101 or 102). It is not necessary for the EEBW student to have completed the EEBW certification externship prior to attending this course. Alternatively, successful completion of an equine sports massage program with hours and content comparable to the Equinology Equine Body Worker certification course, covering the major muscles and points. Students coming in from other programs must challenge the EEBW Certification Course prior to registering for the EQ103 course. There is an administrative fee of $150.00 for this challenge.

Required Reading:

Review of the EEBW certification course manual

Suggested Reading:

As for the EEBW certification course

Required Course Text: Anatomy of Equine Bodywork: The Equinology Approach: by Debranne Pattillo: $99 + tax (available onsite)

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