CN4200: Online Feeding the Dog and Cat with Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon VMD

Date: Online Course
Location: Online
Instructor: Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon VMD
Price: USD $210
Register: http://drkellon.com/coursedescriptions/feedingthedogandcat.html



Another great distance study course with Dr. Kellon is available for those who would like to look beyond the pretty packaging of commercial food and actually understand what they are feeding their dogs and cats.

There is a great deal of confusion and concern regarding the best way to feed dogs and cats, and possible harmful effects of commercial dog and cat foods. Should I do homemade diets? Raw or cooked? What about bones? How do I guarantee all the necessary nutrients if I’m not using a commercial diet?

This course will describe the anatomy and physiology of the digestive tract in dogs and cats, and how that provides clues into appropriate foods. Dr. Kellon will talk about the difference between what is truly optimal for health and what you can get away with. Potential food-related issues such as allergies, hair loss, kidney disease, obesity, and insulin resistance will be covered. She’ll cover the available information on minimum requirements of key nutrients. Finally, options and detailed recipes for a more healthful feeding of dogs and cats will be discussed.

The material for each section of the course will be posted on the internet weekly as a pdf file. It will include the material Dr. Kellon plans to cover, links for further reading, and a series of review questions that will emphasize the most important points. When you receive the next week’s material, the answers to the questions from the week before will be at the front.

This is a no pressure learning situation. There is no “mandatory attendance” at any time, no grades. The review questions are for your use only. It is assumed that anyone taking the course is doing so because they want to learn more about canine and feline nutrition. You can read when it is convenient for you to do so.

Dr. Kellon will open the Yahoo discussion group in advance of the course starting. This will be a group exclusively of course enrollees. Here you will include a bit about yourself, especially where you and your four-footed friends reside to tailor information pertinent to what is available in your location. If you fall behind (life happens), you will have the opportunity to join the Yahoo group for the next run of the course if you think that would be beneficial to you (no fee second time around).

Week One – Introduction

  1. Digestive tract anatomy and physiology
  2. Carnivore or omnivore?

Week Two – DE Requirements – cat

  1. Protein and amino acids
  2. Fat
  3. Carbohydrate

Week Three – DE Requirements – dog

  1. Protein and amino acids
  2. Fat
  3. Carbohydrate

Week Four – Major minerals – cat

Week Five – Major minerals – dog

Week Six – Trace minerals – cat

Week Seven – Trace minerals – dog

Week Eight – Commercial Diets

Week Nine – Alternatives to commercial diets, including raw – cat

Week Ten – Alternatives to commercial diets, including raw – dog


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