Kathy Sunberg EEBW3, EEMFR

Kathy’s passion for horses began from an early age growing up in a semi-rural community in Southwestern Ontario. Beginning lessons from age 5, she was fortunate to have learned from an extremely talented and knowledgeable gentleman who was a WW1 British Calvary officer. His devotion to care and skills taught from the ground up gave his students a well-rounded foundation and appreciation for the horse. Kathy strived to always achieve the standards he demonstrated when she embarked on horse ownership; the passion he instilled was firmly cemented. Although equitation and hunter/jumper were the disciplines taught, Kathy has since ventured into dressage and carriage driving and is an ongoing student of centered riding. Moving west was to be temporary one in which to acquire job experience in the veterinary field. The move proved to be permanent, as she loved not only her job and the experience she was gaining in small animal medicine, but the atmosphere and beauty of the west was a big draw.
Kathy continued her education, obtaining her BSc in Cell, Molecular, and Microbiology. Working in the field of animal research medicine was interesting, but did not satisfy her hands on work directly with the animals. In short time she was re-introduced to the Standardbred, a breed she was very familiar with from her youth as they were commonly used for the school horses. Before too long she found herself immersed in retraining and rehoming horses from harness racing. Already having dealt with Thoroughbreds in retraining from the track, and herself an owner of a very challenging one, she was happy to help with the level-headed and versatile Standardbred! Having co-founded the first Standardbred association in Canada to promote the breed and their versatility as well as a successful placement program, she is still actively involved going into the associations 26th year. Kathy was already learning new bodywork skills she could apply to the horses, as the racehorse community was always keen to find new methods to improve healing and speed recovery in their prospects. Equinology courses were just being brought to Canada when Kathy discovered the Company while researching a reputable program. Taking every course offered, she was eventually asked to be a teaching assistant for many of the classes. Kathy has completed her EBWlll level with a specialty in MFR., with additional modalities to complement her work. She continues to take courses yearly, and although her clientele is limited due to several commitments, she is a perpetual student and loves to share her knowledge with others. Kathy is proud to represent Equinology and teach to those who want to improve the quality of care to their horses. Kathy lives with a very generous and supportive husband and is the mother to two outstanding young men who have also been immersed in one way or another in sharing her love of animals.