Tina Watkins

Tina has been working with horses her entire life, and she is proud to say there has been hardly a day that she has not spent in the presence of that most amazing creature we call the horse.

Growing up in Kathyrn, Alberta on a horse farm, Tina was able to ride before she could walk and can remember the wonderful partners she had throughout her childhood. During her profession as a horse trainer she was asked to bring horses to a certain level of training in a short time. These horses often had soreness and this prompted her to start to look in to the world of healing.

In 1996, he embarked on a lifelong learning adventure into the world of equine wellness. Beginning her studies at the B.C. College of Equine Therapy, Tina started to realize that the more you learn about the body the more there is to learn. She\’s traveled to U.S.A. to continue her education through the Equinology program at locations such as Michigan State University, Cal Poly Pomona and onsite at Northern and Southern California classrooms. She has studied with Dr. Hilary Clayton, Dr. Steve Wickler, Dr. Kerry Ridgway, Dr. Deb Bennett, Debranne Pattillo, Ruth Mitchell-Golladay, Jim Green, Susan Tenny, and Gail Wetzler. These are just a few of the wonderful teachers she has had.

Tina has been practicing since 1996 and owns and runs her equine wellness practice, Inhand Equine Therapy, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Tina’s goal in her practice is to become part of the horse’s wellness team, to provide relief, to improve health, and to educate the horse owner so they can be a better owner, trainer and partner with their horse. Tina’s clients benefit from her desire to teach and each of the treatment sessions include a postural assessment and exercise programs to continue the horse’s healing program.

Tina’s large practice keeps her very busy but teaching has always been a passion. She teaches many clinics and is very excited to be teaching for Equinology. Equinology employs only the best practitioners in their fields so the invitation to teach for them came as a huge complement.

Tina is both a body worker and a national level dressage rider. This allows her to be able to relate to her clients and to be realistic with the programs she suggests for both horse and riders.

Tina is blessed with a wonderfully supportive family that includes her husband Peter Watkins and their daughter Madeline Watkins. Tina and her husband Peter both ride and raise horses on their farm in Calgary, Alberta.

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