Jon Zahourek

For over 20 years, Jon Zahourek was a painter and sculptor who also taught anatomy to artists through drawing. Beginning 10 years of adjunct instructorship at Parsons School of Design in NYC, he created a scale model skeleton on which to demonstrate surface anatomy in clay. He was transformed by its use. Anatomy began to make simple sense to him for the first time. He realized that he was accessing the body through the “body language” of choice and temporospatial action. Realizing that this path into self awareness was important, he quit art to bring it to the world. He made the models for his own research, using them in workshops nationwide, and then forming a company to introduce the approach in many applications.

Called the Zoologik System and Kinesiologik, his systems have been confirmed by classroom and individual success. These models help students understand functional anatomy, from grade school to graduate school, in body work, and in the horse world. Now, his breakthrough Kinesthetic Anatomy has been confirmed by the last ten years of revolutionary research in neuroscience and learning.