Dr. Carrie Schlachter VMD, DACVSMR

Dr Carrie Schlachter, VMD, IVC,  is recognized as one of the leading clinicians in the field of equine sports medicine and rehabilitation. In addition, her clinical knowledge and experience is vast, making her the ideal candidate to lecture and instruct on the subjects of equine anatomy, pathology, lameness, diagnostic imaging and clinical rehabilitation. 

Dr. Schlachter’s practice focuses on integrative sports medicine, rehabilitation and injury prevention. She founded and designed Circle Oak Equine’s rehabilitation and fitness programs and then set up new practice focusing on developing monitoring protocols for injury prevention in the sports horse. 

Dr Schlachter achieved her board certification in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation through the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and serves on their examination committee as well as on the American Association of Equine Practitioners Education committee.  

Dr. Schlachter grew up riding horses in the competitive ‘A’ circuit on the East Coast and has almost 35 years of experience with horses as a rider, veterinarian, and owner. Educated at the University of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School and New Bolton Center, she received the Charles F. Reid Clinical Excellence Award for Sports Medicine and Imaging as well as numerous scholarships. She is a former member of the Large Animal Services External Advisory Board of the University of California, Davis, Veterinary Hospital.  She participates in multiple advanced imaging educational workshops every year and is actively pursuing her board certification in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation through the ACVSMR.

For many years in general practice, Dr. Schlachter nurtured her interest in sports medicine, particularly in diagnostic ultrasound.  To increase her diagnostic and treatment options, she has broadened her expertise to include chiropractic manipulation and acupuncture as well as regenerative medicine therapies such as IRAP, PRP, and bone marrow-derived stem cells.

Dr. Schlachter enjoys teaching for Equinology and its associates around the world, as well as lecturing on equine sports medicine, rehabilitation and digital diagnostic imaging. Together with her colleagues, Debranne Pattillo and Dr Nicole Rombach, she founded the Academy of Animal Sport Science, which offers a certification program in Animal Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation for Licensed Professionals.